About the
Digital Overlords

Working firsthand in other Florida marketing agencies, we have found that one of the largest obstacles to success in the eyes of clients (and output producing staff) has been their accessibility to have direct, comprehensive discussions about aspects of their marketing.

We knew what we would change to make a better experience for both the clients and the staff…so we did. We close the gap between potential and output by putting the conversation in the hands of those who will make it happen.

Our Mission

The Digital Overlords wants to be the most effective marketing agency in Florida. Our mission is to allow clients to hold brief, focused conversations with our qualified experts in order to help produce optimal custom marketing strategies for each element of their marketing.

What Makes Us Different

Many Fort Myers marketing agencies manage their client bases by assigning each one an account representative or salesperson. While this optimizes the process of starting projects, there are often questions left unanswered for both the client and the staff who will be performing the projects. Digital Overlords has no salespeople, no commissions, just a team of specialists that want to produce the best results possible.

You will always speak to someone with the answers. A web developer will be your contact for your new website, you’ll speak directly to an SEM manager about improving your Google ranking, and you’ll consult with a graphic designer about what colors work best for your logo. If we’re really stumped on a question, we won’t pretend we know the answer. We know the forums and resources to go to for the answers and we’ll get back to you on it. What other marketing agency will say that?

Small Team

Big Results